China - outreach update August 2020

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, our team in China has seen a tremendous increase of online users who have been accessing Derek’s Chinese material. There have been 150,000 eBook downloads, 10,000 views monthly on WeChat, and use by 170,000 people on our mobile App!

Government oppression and clamdown in China

Ross Paterson, DPM China director, and his wife Christine, recently returned from China and shared about the increasing oppression of Chinese believers. "This is an extremely difficult season, with every day more reports coming out concerning government oppression and clampdown. Just before we left...

Reaching Chinese businessmen with the Gospel

Many Chinese are moving to Namibia to start a business there. As worldwide ministry we were requested for these people in Namibia.

China: God's faithfulnes in times of persecution

The current Chinese political leadership is tightening up on many aspects of life in China, with crosses and even churches being torn down in some places. But the DPM–China team continues to experience God’s protection and blessing...

China - testimony from pastor

Recently a pastor shared how significant Derek's material was in building up his church in the...