Distributing food parcels and hope in India

In India, many people have lost their income due to the Covid lockdown. DPM India director Elsie and the DPM team have been distributing essential food parcels to families of those labourers and will continue to do so until people are able to get back to work. They encourage them with words of hope and God's love, which many people are hungry for.

India: Bible teaching seminar convicts pastor of personal sins

More than 200 pastors attended a one-day conference in Chennai in February where Elsie spoke on The Divine Exchange and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. One pastor testified that the session on Curses from Authority Figures convicted him of his own faults. He stood before the pastors and vowed to go home, ask forgiveness of his wife and the Lord, and lay hands on her to break the curses he...

India: many non-Christians seeking the Lord

In India, many new doors have opened after a difficult year, and we see a new thirst for the Lord among believers and seekers. We held a meeting with over 200 attendees, and 70 percent of them were non-Christians. Read more...

India: comfort and consolation in times of fear

DPM India Directors Elsie and Danny continue distributing Derek's Bible teaching resources. Recently Pastor Sundar, from Andhra Pradesh, told them: “Thank you so much for all the efforts you took to bring us this sound, biblical teaching. It helped us face every situation without fear and to bring hope to our church members, many of whom were beginning to despair. We were able to bring comfort...

Book ministry brings deliverance and healing

Due to the pandemic, it's more difficult to hold conferences and seminars. Yet, Derek's books continue to minister to people, as these three powerful testimonies from India and Vietnam show. We received them recently from people who have been set free from curses after reading either How to Pass from Curse to Blessing or They Shall Expel Demons.

India: “I cannot read or write, but now you have given me this SD card to listen to and I can hear and understand new things from God’s Word"

For the past nine years Elsie and Danny, DPM–India and Sri Lanka Directors, have been travelling to some of the major cities and towns in different states of India. During one of their last trips, a pastor said, with tears in his eyes: “I cannot read or write, but now you have given me this SD card to listen to and I can hear and understand new things from God’s Word that I would never have had

India Outreach More than 200 low education level pastors and leaders reached in Purnea & Bhagalpur

Recently, our India directors held teaching seminars in different areas. Bihar is probably the most backward state in India both in terms of economy and education and demonic oppression is very common. Meanwhile, in West Bengal, the education levels are quite high, but many find it hard to accept scriptural principles as many of them are influenced by the 'world view'.

DPM India Outreach bringingh healing and deliverance in Jesus' name

DPM-India Outreach Directors, Elsie and Danny, recently held a very successful day of meetings in Chandrapur, Maharashtra (central India). "Everyone present felt a manifest and strong move of the Spirit and testified that they clearly felt the release in their spirits as well. During the prayer time, we prayed for people to be released and healed from disease and at least one-third of the...

DPM's Huge Impact in India

Over the past 15 years, Derek’s gift packs of books have been provided to over 70,000 young leaders graduating from Bible Colleges and at least 60% of these leaders end up in active Christian ministry. Considering these numbers, there is one thing we can say for sure – that thousands of lives across this great nation are being impacted by the ministry and teaching of Derek Prince Ministries.

Outreach in India: equipping Pastors in rural areas

DPM-India Outreach Directors, Elsie and Danny, recently held a very successful trip to the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh (north India). There is very little Christian activity here but severe persecution against Christians and Christian organisations. However, they taught and encouraged pastors and Christian leaders at three seminars using Derek’s teaching material and...

India - letter from Utkal Theological College in Odisha State

We received the following letter from Utkal Theological College in Odisha State (east India) after we provided our Bible College Graduate Gift Packs for their graduating students...