Iran: How thanksgiving, praise and worship changed a life

In Tabriz, an Iranian city, Hajar heard the Gospel two years ago when she met people from our DPM outreach team. They gave Hajar a micro SD-card with Derek’s teaching and soon she developed a friendship with the team. Derek's teaching made a deep impact on Hajar's life.

Iran: The life-changing impact of one small book

"God didn’t want to punish me. Instead, God wanted to help me deal with my problems, He wanted to help me to see the root of all pain I suffered, the negative things I’ve experienced in my life.” These words come from Davud, an elderly man in Iran, after having read Derek's book 'God's Remedy for Rejection'. Read his full testimony here...

Iran: baptised in ice-cold water

They are taxi drivers, shop owners, doctors, students, mothers, fathers, but they all have one thing in common: they grew up as Muslims living in Iran, but now have accepted Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. They love the Lord passionately but it has a price.

Iran: "Hundred opportunities to share about Jesus Christ"

The Lord is doing a mighty work in the Muslim world. Many Muslims become followers of Jesus, through revelations and visions from the Lord Himself, but also through the sharing of the Gospel. In Iran also, many Muslims are very open to hear about Jesus Christ and the salvation and forgiveness He offers. This is something our outreach workers are experiencing every time they travel to Iran. During

Outreach in Iran

In November, an outreach team shared the Gospel with people in several cities in Iran. "God is truly at work in Iran. Several people shared the testimony of their conversion after they had a dream of Jesus Christ. We pray the Lord will continue to speak to the Iranian people this way."

Good News from Iran: Churchplanter Reza Released from Prison

In October 2016 we shared an urgent prayer request with you about Reza, a young IT-guy who became a believer and soon started planted churches in Iran. Good news: Reza has now been released from prison. Read his remarkable story.

Launch of a new project in Iran: Bible Correspondence School

The church in Iran has become one of the fastest growing churches in the world, and it is influencing the region for Christ. DPM representatives in Iran are launching a new project—the DPM Correspondence Bible School in the Farsi language. This course covers the foundations of the Christian faith, based on Hebrew 6:1-2, including topics like repentance and faith, baptism in water and baptism...

December outreach to Iran: divine appointments

Around Christmas time a team went on a mission trip to Iran. As soon as they safely passed the boarder they started to pray: “Lord, what is Your will for this time?” Read on to discover what happened!

Remember Ali! - mission report from Iran

"Mohammed, Jesus and Moses are all the same; using people for their own purposes" is what Ali, a taxi driver in Iran, believed. We met him during our mission trip and challenged him to get to know Jesus...