Testimonies from online outreach in the Middle East

DPM outreach workers in the Middle East are contacted daily via social media by seekers and new believers. They listen to their personal stories, answer their questions, pray for them, offer free resources and invite them for online discipleship. This approach is bearing much fruit, as becomes clear in these two testimonies from August.

Outreach update Egypt

In Egypt, we have completed the recording of 20 of Derek’s radio programs. In this series, Derek teaches on our Identification with Christ and His identification with us. We trust the Holy Spirit to work through them and have a deep impact. The Lord directed us to use a new type of video clips on Facebook. Each clip is about five minutes and uses Arabic subtitles instead of dubbing. So far....

Iran: How thanksgiving, praise and worship changed a life

In Tabriz, an Iranian city, Hajar heard the Gospel two years ago when she met people from our DPM outreach team. They gave Hajar a micro SD-card with Derek’s teaching and soon she developed a friendship with the team. Derek's teaching made a deep impact on Hajar's life.

Iran: The life-changing impact of one small book

"God didn’t want to punish me. Instead, God wanted to help me deal with my problems, He wanted to help me to see the root of all pain I suffered, the negative things I’ve experienced in my life.” These words come from Davud, an elderly man in Iran, after having read Derek's book 'God's Remedy for Rejection'. Read his full testimony here...

Outreach update - Middle East

The current lockdown has led many people to seek for answers online. Our team in Egypt is reaching out with messages of hope from God's Word through Facebook, Youtube and other online platforms. In recent months, new doors have opened.

Middle East: Helping seekers online find the truth about Jesus and the Bible

"Your Book is not true, it is distorted. You worship three Gods (May Allah Forgive you)! How can you say that God has a son - this doesn’t make sense at all. How can God be a Father, a Son and the Holy Spirit? Prove this from your Bible!” This is how a young Muslim girl, named Samia, started her messages to our team on Facebook. Several conversations followed. She enrolled to our...


During Albert’s (DPM–Egypt Director) visit to South Sudan last December, God opened a new door of partnership with two ministries: Ministry of Hope and Nation Inheritance. All ministries came together to hold a three-month Discipleship School in February for 40 students from South Sudan and surrounding countries. Pastor Peter came from Egypt on behalf of DPM and held training for three weeks...

Greece: Christian refugees finding hope and strenght in God

Misra is a refugee from Iran who lives in a refugee camp in Athens. She has been attending Bible classes in the International Christian Consulate that helps Christian refugees and uses Derek’s books. Misra said, “These studies helped me a lot. The teaching calls us to act according to God’s Word. Derek’s book, Declaring God’s Word, was also very useful. I tried to read it every day. It has

Iran: "Hundred opportunities to share about Jesus Christ"

The Lord is doing a mighty work in the Muslim world. Many Muslims become followers of Jesus, through revelations and visions from the Lord Himself, but also through the sharing of the Gospel. In Iran also, many Muslims are very open to hear about Jesus Christ and the salvation and forgiveness He offers. This is something our outreach workers are experiencing every time they travel to Iran. During

Foundations Bible Training for new believers in Egypt and Sudan

In January, Pastor Luke (not his real name, for safety reasons) contacted the DPM team in Egypt. He is serving the Lord in upper Egypt and asked us to help him start Bible courses based on Derek Prince’ Foundations for Christian Living book. In February he started the first course with 25 young men and women. In the near future Pastor Luke will train another group of 15 leaders who are

Bringing Hope in Syria

Bringing hope in Syria For over seven years now, a terrible war is destroying Syria. Thousands of people have been killed. Millions have fled. A generation is growing up in the midst of ruins and bombs, without ever having known peace. Is there any hope for this country? Yes, there is! Read this letter we received from a Syrian lady...

Launch of a new project in Iran: Bible Correspondence School

The church in Iran has become one of the fastest growing churches in the world, and it is influencing the region for Christ. DPM representatives in Iran are launching a new project—the DPM Correspondence Bible School in the Farsi language. This course covers the foundations of the Christian faith, based on Hebrew 6:1-2, including topics like repentance and faith, baptism in water and baptism...