Reaching the unreached in African villages

Despite restrictions due to Covid-19, Pastor Stemmet has been able to reach over 50 towns across all of Cape Province in the past 18 months. He ministered to people who do not have a local pastor and gave them Derek’s teaching in Afrikaans and Bibles. Follow-up is being done via WhatsApp and repeats visits.

South Africa: God knows no age restrictions for outreach workers

God knows no age restrictions when it comes to reaching people with the Gospel. Recently, our team in South Africa was contacted by a 70-year-old lady in Cape Town. She told them she has been listening to Derek Prince's Bible teaching on CCFM Radio since 2009 and shared how much she appreciated it. She also shared how it equipped her for ministry: in spite of her age she is still very,,,

South Africa: Derek Prince' Bible teaching on the four biggest online platforms

Elev8 Africa Networks Platform is broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ to the whole world via mobile This month, their mobile Christian television broadcasting will be launched on the four biggest online platforms in South Africa. This means that Derek's Bible teaching will now be available to a potential 500 million viewers on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.