Ukraine: Festival of Hope 5-day tent outreach

In August, DPM outreach worker German and his team hosted a wonderful 5-day tent outreach in the city of Svetlovodsk, Ukraine. Three churches of the city took an active part in holding the 'Festival of Hope'. Each day, some 30 to 40 people raised their hands, after which a team of counselors from local churches got to know them and exchanged contacts for further contact.

Supporting Rehab centres in Ukraine

The Ukrainian team is continuing to provide rehab centres with free materials by Derek Prince, helping addicts to find true freedom in Christ and a purpose for life. (See picture)


The Armenian app is very active sending daily messages from DPM during this corona crisis. Our team is volunteering to take meals to the elderly and the poor in our city. This way, we have permission to be out on the streets. With every meal we deliver, we add a copy of The Exchange at the Cross, that was translated specifically for this purpose. Before this crisis, our main focus was to reach the

Corona pandemic: Reaching out to the elderly in Ukraine and Armenia

Armenia and Ukraine are in lockdown due to the corona pandemic. In the midst of fear and anxiety, our team members are volunteering to take meals to isolated elderly people. They are also bringing comfort and hope, praying for them, encouraging them and giving them free copies of Derek's books. “Please pray for us”, - our Armenia outreach director says.