South East Asia outreach: exciting new opportunities in spite of Covid-19 pandemic

2021 has proven to be another challenging year for so many people across the globe. Our Derek Prince Ministries co-workers throughout the Asia/Pacific region have labored tirelessly to help those affected by Covid-19, plus job losses, food shortages and persecution. For 2022, they have even further plans.


Due to the pandemic, our two coordinators in Vietnam haven’t been able to hold as many seminars as previously, but we are pleased to advise of several recent seminars held: A two-day seminar in Quang Ngai province (South-East Vietnam) for 12 tribal pastors and leaders, and 85 church members from nine local churches. Derek’s books, Divine Exchange and God’s Medicine Bottle were freely...

Vietnam: outreach reports (June 2021)

In spite of the restrictions due to the pandemic, our outreach workers in Vietnam, continue to find ways to reach people with the Gospel. The Self-Study Bible Course is being used to teach and train local church leaders. One man was very motivated after applying the teaching and has now reached many people from a highlands tribal group with the Gospel.

OUTREACH REPORT: food parcels and proclamation cards distributed in Vietnam

Our team in Vietnam recently shared an update on their outreach. In the last two years, they distributed 44,500 books and over 24,000 Proclamation Cards in Vietnamese. Even in the past difficult year, 22,500 books were distributed!

Book ministry brings deliverance and healing

Due to the pandemic, it's more difficult to hold conferences and seminars. Yet, Derek's books continue to minister to people, as these three powerful testimonies from India and Vietnam show. We received them recently from people who have been set free from curses after reading either How to Pass from Curse to Blessing or They Shall Expel Demons.