Equipping pastors and believers in the Indian subcontinent

“When the second wave of COVID swept through India it seemed that all we had learnt from the Bible and our Bible college days was thrown into question. Because our praying didn’t stop the pandemic or the deaths of many loved ones. 

But you helped us by bringing to us Derek Prince’s teaching on declaring the power of the blood. Thanks to this teaching we saw a change in our personal circumstances and in the lives of many believers …”  - Ps. PK, South India

For hundreds of pastors like PK Derek Prince’s teaching became that straw of hope they clung to during the second wave of the pandemic that hit India in 2021. At that time, thanks to the generosity of DPM supporters like you, we supplied hundreds of pastors with free copies of Derek’s teaching on Applying the Blood.

And this valuable, life-sustaining Bible teaching you helped put into many hands was just what many of them needed to reaffirm their faith and draw strength from God’s Word. Today we praise God for the testimonies of how proclaiming the power of the blood of Jesus became a source of spiritual strength. It delivered many leaders who received it from the grips of fear, anxiety, and hopelessness.

Let me share with you what a Christian sister from Tamil Nadu said to me:

“Thank you for sharing this food – both physical and spiritual – with us. We were beginning to grow weak and weary. You brought us food that has strengthened our souls and taught us to hold on to our confession in faith and without wavering to see the victory…”

Hundreds of testimonies like this one have given me and our team in India a new resolve to take Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching to many more leaders all around India.

Will you join forces with us to turn this dream into reality by giving just £18 or more to DPM outreaches in the Indian subcontinent?

You see, it is not that church leaders don’t know the Bible; sometimes it is the lack of know-how to unlock the power of God’s Word into people’s lives that keeps them from moving forward in victory.

But, with your help we can put Derek’s practical Bible teaching into their hands, so they can have the spiritual breakthroughs they long for.

Will you give the most generous gift you can provide life-changing Bible teaching and training to Christians in the Indian subcontinent?

Here are some of the things your generosity can make possible:

  • A gift of £18 can put a copy of Applying the Blood and the Power of Proclamation by Derek Prince into the hands of five pastors in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.
  • A gift of £36 can enable a local pastor in Sri Lanka to attend one of our seminars on where they receive spiritual encouragement and free copies of What’s So Important About the Cross? and Applying the Blood in Sinhala and Tamil languages.
  • A gift of 85 can make it possible for a young Christian leader in India to attend one of our residential training courses where they will learn how to root their faith in God’s Word using Derek’s foundational Bible teaching.

We are relying on your generosity and kindness to provide much-needed resources and training to pastors and believers in the Indian subcontinent.

Only with your help, they can get hold of sound Bible teaching and use it to minister to others and to share God’s love with those who don’t know Jesus yet. 


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