Honouring Israel's 70 years and inviting you to play your part in its future!

Against all odds and opposition, the nation of Israel, which was founded on 14th May 1948, has survived—a testament to God’s covenant with His people and the prophetic truth of His Word.

In his booklet Why Israel?, Derek Prince says:

‘Before the Lord returns, certain events have to take place. The Jewish people have to be re-established in Jerusalem and in the land. Why? Because the Lord is not coming back until they are. Then, there has to be a supernatural revelation of Jesus which will turn the hearts of the Jewish people to Himself.’

In other words, if we truly long to see the Lord return, we are to love Israel and to pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to them so they can turn to Him.

And, we are to encourage our Christian friends, our church and other believers around the world to join us in praying for Israel.

Will you step into this vital role of being an intercessor for Israel by praying for this nation and by supporting an exciting outreach initiative?

Here are three simple steps you can take to embrace this vital role:

1. Commit to pray for Israel. To help you pray more effectively for Israel we would like to send you a free copy of Derek Prince’s booklet Why Israel? This booklet will enable you to gain a clearer understanding of the significance of the land and the people of Israel.

Our hope and prayer are that as you become more aware of Israel’s place in God’s plan, you will be willing to pray for Israel and the Jewish people.

2. Send a gift of £20 or more today to help us to make 500,000 copies of Why Israel? available in different languages as a way of informing and encouraging Christians worldwide to pray for Israel.

Early in his ministry, Derek Prince discovered how uninformed most Christians were concerning the Bible’s teaching on Israel and the Jews. This is still true today. As Derek himself said,

‘To pray effectively for Israel and the Jews, we need to be informed about them. The information we need does not come from the world’s perspective or from the media. It comes from God’s viewpoint, which we find in the Bible.’

By placing Why Israel? in the hands of praying Christians around the world we can give them an opportunity to understand God’s viewpoint about Israel.

3. Share Derek’s teaching about Israel with others. You can request multiple copies of Why Israel? For a donation of any amount and share them with your Christian friends, church members—anyone you know who will take the responsibility to pray seriously.

Derek Prince always taught that Christians need to do something practical to show their love for God’s people, the Jews. What could be more loving than praying for the Jewish people to enter into all that God has destined for them, and to encourage others to pray in that same fashion?

Will you contribute generously to this cause?

We want to thank you in advance for your generous gift and for your commitment to pray for Israel. Thank you as well for your willingness to distribute the copies of Why Israel? booklet to your friends, colleagues, and family members.



  1. Commit to pray for Israel. Request your free copy of Derek Prince’s booklet Why Israel?
  2. A gift of £20 or more can help us to make 500,000 copies of Why Israel? available in different languages
  3. Request multiple copies of Why Israel? for a donation of any amount and share them with your Christian friends, church members