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"Without the Jews, we would have no patriarchs, no apostles, no Bible—and no Savior!”

—Derek Prince

Derek Prince began his ministry in Israel in 1946 and spent much of the last two decades of his life there. In fact, one of the unique features of his teaching and ministry was his love and concern for Israel.

Derek believed that God would fulfil every promise He had made to the household of Israel, and his heart’s desire was to see the Jewish people believe God for those same truths. 

In Why Israel? Derek says: ‘Before the Lord returns, certain events have to take place. The Jewish people have to be re-established in Jerusalem and in the land. Why? Because the Lord is not coming back until they are. Then, there has to be a supernatural revelation of Jesus which will turn the hearts of the Jewish people to Himself.’

In other words, if we truly long to see the Lord return, we are to love Israel and to pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to the Jewish people and that they will return to Him. We are also to make good Bible teaching available to seekers and believers in Israel.

Our DPM outreach in Israel is focused on these vital tasks of raising intercessors for Israel and in equipping the church in Israel to grow strong disciples of Jesus.

And, they need your help and your prayers more than ever, because as an Israeli pastor put it:

"The body of Christ in Israel is small and the soil in Israel is hard. Whoever sows a seed of the gospel in someone’s heart must have patience for the harvest. I believer one day, the harvest will be big but until then we must be patient and continue by faith.
The investment of Derek Prince Israel outreach is vitally important for the local church here in Israel, we desperately need more of Derek’s teaching to be made available and we are truly thankful for all you do.”   

Key projects: 

  • Translate and publish Derek Prince' materials in Hebrew: books, CD's and DVDs. The need for solid teaching in Israel is great, for the Messianic church here is young and has great spiritual needs.

    Some of the titles that have been translated so far include the Self-Study Bible Course, God's Remedy for Rejection, Our Debt to Israel, the Foundation Series.  Shaping History Through Prayer, Fasting, Appointment in Jerusalem, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose! and Atonement.
  • Making Derek’s teaching resources available to the Israeli Ethiopian community and equipping them to share the good news of Jesus with local Jewish people.
  • Ministering to Russian Believers. Discipling believers in Russian churches in Israel. Over 20 percent of Israel’s population is made up of people who returned from Russian exile to their homeland. With the help of DPM Caucasus, we are seeking to resource the Russian churches in Israel.
  • Raising awareness and prayer support for Israel. Hundreds of tour groups visit Israel every year, and thanks to your generosity we now have the opportunity to give a copy of Derek’s booklet, Our Debt to Israel, to every English-speaking believer on select tours.
  • Equipping leaders and Israeli youth by developing and promoting the Hebrew/English mobile App, which includes the entire Bible, with links throughout to Derek’s teaching, along with daily devotionals in print and audio, and a yearly reading plan. The app is freely available for Android and Apple.  
  • Distribution of Derek Prince' Arabic materials within Israel. 

Commenting on the impact of the ministry in Israel, Daniel and Leah Uzziah, staff members of Derek Prince–Israel said:

“Derek Prince–Israel focuses on highlighting for the Israeli church the unique and powerful aspects of Derek’s ministry—the Spirit-filled life, prayer and fasting, deliverance and healing. Thus, the ministry is helping fill a vast spiritual vacuum in this very young indigenous church. Derek’s great love for Israel, combined with his teachings about the Spirit-filled life in Christ, so evident in each of his works, inspire us as Israelis and encourage us to use his books in a practical way. We find Derek’s books are greatly relevant to both the times in which we live and the place of Israel at the end of time.”

Will you join forces with our DPM Israel team by praying for Israel and by supporting our vital outreach there?

Here are three simple steps you can take:

  1. Commit to praying for Israel. To help you pray more effectively for Israel we would like to send you a free copy of Derek Prince’s booklet Why Israel? This booklet will enable you to gain a clearer understanding of the significance of the land and the people of Israel.
    Click here to order a FREE copy of Why Israel?
  2. Share Derek’s teaching about Israel with others. You can request multiple copies of Why Israel? for a donation of any amount and share them with your Christian friends, church members—anyone you know who will take the responsibility to pray seriously.
    Click here to order multiple copies of Why Israel? for a donation of any amount.
  3. Give £15 or more today to put Derek’s teaching into the hands of local Christians, seekers and young people growing in Israel.   

Thank you in advance for your commitment to pray for Israel and for your generous gift towards our DPM Outreach in this land.  

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Why Israel? Ministry Copy

Why Israel? Ministry Copy

You cannot fully understand the Bible unless you know something about Israel. As Christians, we need to acknowledge our unfathomable debt to Israel. This booklet gives you helpful insight in God's plan and purpose with Israel and is a call to prayer.

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