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Growing up in a Muslim family in a Middle Eastern country, that we cannot mention for security reasons, Ali had never heard about Jesus.

But, a while ago something happened that took Ali on a new spiritual journey.

Ali and his wife Fathima met Munir, one of our co-workers in this region. He offered to pray with Fathima and her daughters who had already become Christians.

Ali remained a Muslim, although was willing to hear more about Jesus. So, Munir continued to visit their home. He talked to Ali about God and prayed with Fathima and her daughters.

One day Ali said to him: “I love Jesus. I can see Jesus in my wife Fathima, but before I decide to become His follower, I need to read and discover more about Him.”

Seizing this opportunity to help Ali find out more about Jesus, Munir gave him Derek Prince’s book Complete Salvation and How to Receive It.

Ali accepted the book with joy and was touched by the discovery that salvation is God’s gift that can be received through faith, rather than something you can earn through good works.

He loved Derek’s clear and concise teachings about Jesus and how these teachings were backed up by Bible verses.

So, on the 9th of January 2017 Ali decided to become a follower of Jesus.

When I hear stories like this one, I praise God for our co-workers. Also I praise God for DPM supporters like you, whose generosity is enabling our workers to make Derek’s teaching available to thousands of believers in this region.

That is why today I am hoping I can count on you for a gift towards our Middle East Outreach.

Will you give today?

A gift of £10, or whatever you can share, will mean that our workers and ministry partners can help and encourage more believers like Ali and his family.

Your gift today can encourage a Middle Eastern Christian on their journey of faith.

Albert Saman,
Director DPM Egypt

PS Download our Middle East Outreach impact report to see for yourself what your generosity is making possible in this region. 

What your generosity has made possible...


  • Distributed SD cards containing 30x13 resources, a whole library of valuable Bible teaching for pastors and believers. 


  • Broadcasting Derek’s Bible teaching on Al Karma TV (AKTV) to Arabic speaking Christians and Muslims around the world.
  • Discipling Christians and Muslim seekers through weekly radio broadcasts on TWR Middle East internet radio.
  • Uploading 30x13 Bible teaching messages on DPM’s Arabic YouTube channel and developing a Study Guide for the 30x13 resources.
  • Developing an Arabic mobile app for making Derek’s teaching available to Christians across Egypt and launching a facebook page for engaging with people from Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, etc. 


  • Made The Self Study Bible Course freely available to University students.

Saudi Arabia 

  • We have supported a Christian brother in Saudi Arabia who is involved with an underground church. We have sent various resources to him to use in his ministry.
  • We are putting Derek’s books and SD cards loaded with Bible teaching  into the hands of Arab believers who have recently come to Christ. They  are using this teaching to grow strong in their faith and to disciple others.


With your help, we can:
  • Continue to broadcast Derek’s Bible teaching on Al Karma TV to Arabic speaking Christians and Muslims around the world.

  • Seize new opportunities to make Derek’s teaching available to church leaders and believers in Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

  • Resource Christians and Muslim seekers in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia through distributing hundreds of SD cards loaded with Bible teaching.

  • Translate, print and distribute more of Derek’s teaching to churches in Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and other countries in this region.


Download our Middle East Outreach impact report 


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