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Touching lives across the UK 

Inside Outreach in UK prisons and detention centres 

With over 85,000 men and women in custody and our prisons full to bursting, there has never been a greater need for sharing the Good News of Jesus with prisoners and encouraging them to ask God to transform their lives from the inside out. 

We started our Inside Outreach in 1995 by providing free Bible teaching in response to a stream of letters from prisoners who were tuning to Derek Prince’s programmes on UCB radio.

Why do we do this? 

Many people in prison or detention centres have plenty of time on their hands that they use to reflect on their lives. Many cry out to God for help and some come to Christ for the first time and want to learn more. This is where Inside Outreach comes in, by providing free Bible teaching through a set of Derek’s books and CDs. Over the years, our ministry of discipleship and encouragement has impacted hundreds of lives.

A prisoner was so impacted by a particular set of teaching CDs that she wrote to us and requested that we send her six sets, one for each of her weekly Bible study group members.  

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you we supplied her with free teaching CDs and work sheets.

A few months later we were delighted to present each prisoner from that Bible study group with a certificate of completion for one of our foundational courses.  

Often prisoners ask to continue receiving our materials after their release sharing with us that they have been truly blessed by Derek’s teaching. Some of them take the teaching to their countries and become a blessing to others. 

Currently we are also making our Inside Outreach materials available to Christian rehabilitation centres and asylum seekers in detention centres across the UK.

We can always do more through our Inside Outreach so please give generously so we can continue to expand this much-needed ministry.  Make a gift today.

How you can help:

  • £10 can put life-changing Bible teaching into a prisoner’s hands.
  • £50 can resource a Bible study group in a prison for the year.
  • £100 can enable us to send a set of books or CDs to a prison library. 

Bruce Dyer, the Director of Love Life UK visited our office and shared with us about his desire to use Derek’s teaching materials as part of his outreach ministry in UK prisons.

Bruce is an ex-professional footballer who has ffirst-handexperience of God’s saving and redeeming grace. 

We encourage you to listen to Bruce’s amazing testimony.