Taking the good news of Jesus to homes in the UK

The driving force behind every DPM outreach is our vision to ‘reach the unreached and teach the untaught.’ One of the ways we are turning this vision into reality is by partnering with local evangelists and pastors who are making Jesus known in the UK.

One of these ministry partners lives in Northern Ireland. During the coronacrisis, she called to tell us of her plans for taking boxes of free food to elderly and lonely people in her area. She asked for 360 copies of The Divine Exchange to include in her packages. A few weeks later, she rang again asking for more copies of The Divine Exchange to distribute.

This wonderful supporter from Northern Ireland is not the only one asking for ministry resources.

A Sheffield based supporter rang asking for copies of Life's Blueprint to be given away as part of his soccer school outreach programme. Another supporter called and asked for copies of Hope Beyond Grief and Trusting in God's Grace to send to people he is having conversations about faith with.

How precious to join our strengths in taking the good news of Jesus to homes in the UK.

If you are involved in outreach, we’d love to provide you with free ministry copies of books like:

  • The Divine Exchange
  • Hope Beyond Grief
  • Ultimate Security 
  • Trusting in God’s Grace
  • Why Israel?
  • Praying for the Government 

Use the form to contact us and let us know how we can help you or call 01462 492100. 


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