Would you like to reach thousands of Arab football fans with the good news of Jesus this summer?

Let me show you how.

For the first time ever, four Arab countries, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia qualified to play in the FIFA 2018 World Cup Finals. Iran also qualified.

This means that hundreds of thousands of football fans from Middle Eastern countries will be travelling to Russia in the next few weeks. And, many of them would never have had a chance to hear the gospel. 

That’s why, in partnership with the International Bible Society, Agape Arabic Christian Centre in London and Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) we are launching an exciting initiative for reaching them with the good news of Jesus.

This is such an unprecedented opportunity for our Middle East Outreach workers and partners to share God’s Word with thousands of Arabs and we want to equip and encourage them in this task.

This is how we are making it happen

We already have a team of 40 Egyptian evangelists and 150 young people from Europe and Russia who are going to be involved in this outreach. They will be sharing about Jesus in conversations with Arab football fans in Moscow, Volgograd, St Petersburg and Saransk.

Also, they will be distributing Bibles donated by the International Bible Society and some of Derek Prince’s discipleship materials uploaded onto USB wristbands and micro SD cards.

All these resources will be freely available in Arabic, Farsi, English, French and Russian.

The outreach teams are getting ready to travel to Russia in two weeks time and they have an urgent need of £18,000 for purchasing 6,000 USB bracelets.

Will you give them a helping hand by donating just £15 today?

A gift of £15 can enable them to purchase five USB bracelets which cost just £3 each.

These bracelets are a vital evangelism tool because they can carry a lot of digital discipleship resources into ‘closed’ countries where missionaries or Bible teachers cannot go. 

When loaded with life-changing Bible teaching these USB bracelets can become a powerful tool for encouraging a seeker or a new believer to start their journey with God.

We want as many football fans as possible to have a chance to hear about God’s love for them and to go back to their country with their own Bibles and other digital resources they can use to dig deeper into God’s Word.

So, will you please take a moment right now to send a gift of £15 today so our outreach volunteers can reach more Arab football fans with the gospel?

Please give as generously as you can. 

And, please pray for God’s blessing, protection and guidance for the evangelists and the young people who will be sharing the gospel and the discipleship resources.

Pray also that the hearts of the football fans will be open to hear and welcome the good news of Jesus.




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Thank you!