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When you discover what Jesus’ return really means, you can begin living in light of His coming. Every moment becomes supernaturally charged with a new sense of victory, purpose, and destiny!

This easy-to-read, hope-filled approach to the end times will:

  • Give a fresh sense of purpose and mission˛to the people of God.
  • Remind you of the victory˛that is yours both today and forever.
  • Fill you with hope˛even in the midst of the trials and tragedies around you.
  • Show you how to practically prepare for Jesus’ return˛by enjoying union with God, completing your assignment, and cultivating a lifestyle of powerful prayer.
  • Unveil the main key to speeding up the Lord’s return!

Receive peace and comfort by resting in the truth of God’s goodness, power, and love — no matter what challenges may come up against you!



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