Bought with Blood

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At the cross Christ endured all the evil due to you and in turn made available all the good due to Him. The study guide at the end of each chapter makes this a perfect book for small group study.
Previously published as 'Atonement'

At the cross Christ made possible a "divine exchange" for everyone who believes in him. What is this exchange? Because Jesus endured all the evil due to humankind, believers can actually partake in all the good due to him.  In this provocative, Scripture-rich book, acclaimed author Derek Prince explores the nine "divine exchanges" of the atonement.

In place of punishment, wounding, death, poverty, shame and rejection, Christ freely offers forgiveness, healing, life, abundance, glory and acceptance.

In addition, Prince gives biblical grounding for five areas of deliverance that Jesus makes available through the cross: deliverance from this present evil age, from law, from self, from the flesh and from the world.

Because it is not enough simply to know about the atonement, Prince presents the means by which you can make it true in your personal experience: repentance, faith and a relationship with the Holy Spirit. This new edition of a life-changing book includes a mini-study course at the end of each chapter, perfect for individual or small group study.

Customer Reviews

"For me this has been a most helpful book. Filled with new insights. A true treasure chest. After each chapter, there is a list of questions to help you remember and review what you've learned. I highly recommend it for both new and mature Christians."

"A clear and concise "Blood of Christ" 101, for anyone who wants to understand one of the basic doctrines of Christianity and the church."

"A great book that goes over 12 exchanges that occur at the cross. It also explains aspects of deliverance that occur at the cross. I'm digesting it slowly."



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