Don't Settle for Less

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Paperback and eBook

Previously published as If You Want God's Best. The desire, the longing, the heart of God is to give you His very best. Derek Prince teaches you how to receive God's many gifts, including how to...

  • Enjoy the Holy Spirit's friendship
  • Hear God's voice
  • Set priorities biblically
  • Obtain strong faith
  • Be overtaken by blessings

By incorporating these principles into your life, you can begin today to receive from God-the Giver of all good gifts.


Customer Reviews

"Excellent book - one that deserves reading again and again as a reference. It is fresh and I learn more every time I read it. I highly recommend it as it is very easy to read in a short time."

"Derek has written for the person who truly believes in God and has decided to make a life-wager commitment. If you are this kind of person willing to go-for-it, who will risk it all for the sake of God-Person completeness, then this is the book for you. It is short book yet complete. Every word counts and if you use it as a handbook, then you will have a dog-eared copy soon after. You MUST want Gods Best. There is a whole chapter on this very point. I wish everyone who reads this book Gods Best! Any YOUR CUP WILL RUN OVER. " To summarize, I will list the things you must do if you want God's best: 1. Want God's best. Do not settle for less. 2. Focus on Jesus. 3. Meditate on God's Word. 4. Make friends with the Holy Spirit. 5. Hear and promptly obey God's voice. 6. Be careful how and what you hear. 7. Be more concerned with eternal than the temporary. Make sure your priorities are right. 8. Let God choose for you."



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