Faith and Works

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Many Christians live in a kind of twilight - halfway between law and grace. They do not know which is which nor how to avail themselves of God's grace. Learn how you can "do the work" (James 1:25) and be blessed in what you do.

One of the most vital themes of the New Testament, faith and works, is a theme to which Paul devoted the entire epistle of Galatians. Paul emphasized that a proper understanding of this topic was absolutely critical for their spiritual survival, and it is just as serious for us today. In this booklet you will learn:

  • the real relationship between faith and works
  • the nature of grace
  • how you can be righteous before God
  • that law and grace are mutually exclusive
  • that keeping rules does not make you righteous 

This booklet series takes you through the central truths of the gospel as presented in Hebrews 6:1–2. This is the fourth segment of that teaching.