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Fatherhood, in a certain sense, is the most God-like quality a man can reproduce. A good father will imitate the three main ministries of Christ - as a priest, prophet and king.

As a priest, the father represents his family to God. As a prophet, he represents God to his family. And as a king, he governs his family on behalf of God.

All fatherhood in the universe ultimately goes back to the fatherhood of God. Since the eternal character and nature of God is that of Father, it follows that every father in a certain sense represents God.

Are fathers today willing to accept responsibility for their families? The decision of the fathers will determine the destiny of the nation!


Customer Reviews

"I learned a lot from this book about my Father in Heaven, about the father figure and also the function of a father in his family based on h Word of God. How important is for a man to fulfill his responsibilities as a father as the word of God says, a child knows the Father in Heaven is first through his father figure."



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