Healing: The Message and Method of Jesus

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For many, many centuries the church has really not presented the message of the gospel as it was presented in the New Testament. The standard phrase used in the New Testament is the good news of the kingdom, and it is unscriptural to leave out the kingdom.

It is not simply the fact that you can repent and have your sins forgiven and receive eternal life. Thank God that’s true, but that is not the ultimate.What is then the good news of the kingdom? It’s the good news that God is willing to take over the government of the human race. 

Wherever the kingdom of God is truly established, sin and sickness are banished. The driving out of demons by the authority of Jesus Christ demonstrates the victory of the kingdom of light over the kingdom of darkness. Jesus came to bring righteousness and healing. Our success in the healing ministry depends on both proclaiming the message and practising the method of Jesus.

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