Life-Changing Spiritual Power

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Paperback and eBook

Life-Changing Spiritual Power is a compilation of six of Derek's books and a great resource, particularly for new and growing believers. Includes study questions.
The Divine Exchange
The Holy Spirit in You
God's Medicine Bottle
Self-Study Bible Course
Spiritual Warfare
How to Pass from Curse to Blessing

The Divine Exchange: The entire message of the Gospel revolves around one historical event: the sacrificial death of Jesus on the Cross. 

How to Pass From Curse to Blessing: Helps you recognise where curses come from, how they operate and how you can be released from them to enjoy the full blessing of God. 

The Holy Spirit in You: Guides you into the fullness of an intimate relationship with God through His Holy Spirit.

God's Medicine Bottle: Discover the power of God's Word to overcome sickness and keep you in health.

Spiritual Warfare: The Christian life is a battle against Satan and his power; you can walk in victory.

Self Study Bible Course: Learn how to study God's Word and experience its power to change your life.


Customer Reviews 

"Like all Derek prince books well informed and well explained."

"Six books in one from Derek Prince? I mean, THE Derek Prince? At this price, it's an absolute no-brainer. Whether you've no faith, little faith or living this life walking with the Lord, I cannot recommend this more highly. Derek Prince was a philosopher, Fellow of Kings, Cambridge who had a personal revelation of Jesus in his 20s - and from then, his life wasn't his but His! For those who can't get on with the Bible, his approach to Bible teaching is theory-free and utterly practical - would recommend without hesitation."






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