Prayers and Proclamations

2021 Front cover

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Paperback and eBook

No matter what you are facing, as you learn how to proclaim the Word of God into your circumstances, God's creative transforming power is released.

Revised and Expanded Edition - These passages will remind you that God is the source of strength, healing, protection, victory, and more! Learn how to use the Bible as the authority over Satan in any situation.


Customer Reviews

"After listening to Derek Prince's sermon on this topic on youtube, I decided to buy this book. It's a great book to have as your resource to declare your proclamation daily. It's divided by different topics with the bible verses. I bought the kindle version, so it's great to have it on my phone and use it whenever I feel the need." - Mjung

"The concept of making proclamations aligned with the Word of God is explained -- what it means and why it is important and powerful. A lot of example proclamations are given at the end, to help people get started with the practice. I personally have found this to be a very powerful way to appropriate the promises of God as well as to engage in spiritual warfare." - Theophilus




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