Pride versus Humility (Audio)

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Could there be a more basic problem in our lives than our battle with pride? The good news: for this universal problem, a universal spiritual solution is available through Jesus Christ.

"Pride versus humility” is truly a vast theme. It spans the whole universe—from eternity, through time, and on into eternity again—from heaven to earth and even to hell. Although this concept is vast beyond measure, it also applies specifically to the personal lives of each one of us. As always, what Derek Prince shares is not only insightful but also immensely useful to our everyday lives. Ranging from the vital role of humility for each of us as we draw closer to God, to the absolute necessity of humility for people in any position of leadership, to the indispensable role of humility in our relationships with others, this teaching can have a life-changing impact upon you.  Every aspect of this teaching is geared toward helping you to grow stronger in your relationship with Jesus, spurring you onward to accomplish all that He has called you to achieve.  

Two Part Series

  • Pride Vs. Humility - Part 1
  • Pride Vs. Humility - Part 2

Additional Information:

Each part (disc) contains 5 radio messages of 12 minutes each. 




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