Resurrection of the Body

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The death and resurrection of Jesus produced a change in the universe. Derek explains here how the resurrection of Jesus impacted man’s spirit, soul, and body.

As the church, we are Christ's body and so we are partakers of His resurrection. Individually, each of us also faces an "end of time" that we will encounter as we enter eternity. Using Jesus as an example, Derek Prince reveals what will happen when we depart this physical realm. He answers such questions as:

  • How will our resurrection bodies be different?
  • What specific changes take place?
  • Why is the resurrection so important?

Finally, Derek presents the resurrection in its three phases. Are your priorities aligned with those of your heavenly Father? 

This booklet series takes you through the central truths of the gospel as presented in Hebrews 6:1–2. This is the ninth segment of that teaching.