Seven Steps to Revival - Volume 1

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Do you long to see a mighty revival in your country? In this series, Derek examines vital steps in praying for revival. 

The Lord allows His people to reach a place of utter helplessness, but His compassion prevails. 

Four-Part Series

  • The Goal is Love
  • What it Means to Love God
  • Self-Humbling
  • Grace vs. Law

Additional Information:

'If my people will humble themselves'  is the first step in praying for revival.

Customer Reviews

"I just cannot get enough of Derek Prince sermons. I've learnt so much from this servant of God."

"Derek Prince is on a completely different level of theological understanding and knowledge of God compared to the average preacher."

"Amen, this message really convicts me. Gods message of this sort is so hard to come by these days and men of God like Derek Prince are so rare in this present day. This man has changed my life tremendously with his teachings."




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