Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting

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This thorough, scripture-based study, explains how Christians can shape history through prayer, how fasting increases the effectiveness of prayer, and offers practical direction on both.

Christians have altered the course of history and governments by emphasizing biblical methods of prayer and fasting. Best-selling author and Bible teacher Derek Prince recounts from personal experience how history was shaped through prayer during the Second World War in North Africa, the birth of the State of Israel, the end of the Stalin era, and the independence of Kenya, East Africa. Learn how you can implement change - in your family, church, locale, country, and the world.

Customer Reviews

"A vital read for the new generation of the church. OK, the scripture references are in the King James Version of the Bible in many cases, but Dr Prince explains everything very well. He has a unique insight into the subject matter which is mission-critical for the church today." "Concerned about the course of our nation? Wanting to make a difference in our culture or the lives of individuals? This is the book for you."Speaking from scripture and personal experience, Derek Prince gives examples of the types of fasting and how believers can partner with God in shaping the destinies of entire nations and people through the discipline of "going without" and spending concentrated times in prayer. Not just the work of a few "super-spiritual" individuals, fasting and prayer is something all believers are encouraged to do."I highly recommend this book to all believers, but especially to pastors, lay leaders, missionaries and those who feel called to pray for our nation and culture."



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