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In this powerful book, you will learn about the essential key to approaching the last days and Jesus' role in the end of the age, so that you can face the last days without fear.

How do people respond to the fact that we are living in what the Bible calls the "last days"? Some live in denial, choosing to ignore Scripture because it's just too uncomfortable to think about. Some are consumed with signs of the end times, connecting everything they see and hear to the coming of the end of the age. In Surviving the Last Days, Derek Prince explains that God Himself has revealed in His Word precisely how we - as His people - should live in the last days.

In this powerful booklet, you will learn about the great, basic problem humanity faces, the essential key to approaching the last days and Jesus' role in the end of the age. As you embrace these truths, you will discover how to face the last days without fear. 

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Customer Reviews 

"A must read for anyone who desires to be aware and wants to remain alert amidst all the goings on in the world today."

"This book was an awesome read. If you do not grasp that God is our judge and will judge us when we stand before him, you need to get that in your soul. Then you need to get that you must repent daily in order to receive the Blessings of the Lord. Most importantly, God is still in Control and that we have to stand firm on the Word of God. Satan is pulling out every weapon he has in order to steal, kill and destroy you before Jesus returns. God knows our hearts, mind, soul and works. Do not fear the end times, because you are God child. Great book for reminding us that nothing is bigger than God and that God is still in control as the end times is upon us. Continue to save as many souls as one can and to step out of your comfort zones to reach those lost souls. God Bless."




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