Trusting in God's Grace - Complimentary Copy

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Previously published as The Grace of Yielding. Scriptures show that God will give back to you abundantly when you are willing to yield to Him.

Learn how you can become mature in your faith, and receive your inheritance as a child of God.

It is only as we yield that we find life. Dying to 'self' is the only path to true freedom and blessing.

In each chapter of this booklet, Derek Prince presents another aspect of yielding:

  • Bearing with the weakness of others
  • Not insisting on our rights
  • Holding on to our ministry and success lightly
  • Letting go when God asks us to

Discover how you can please God in all you do, become mature in your faith, and receive your inheritance as a child of God.

You can be confident that, as you yield to the Spirit of Christ, you will learn to walk in the abundance of God's power and blessings.

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Customer Reviews

"Derek Prince at his best - wise and compassionate. We all need, he says, to consider the areas of our lives where we are holding on to 'Isaacs' and refusing to yield them to God and others who would use and nourish them for His purposes. If only we would dispense with our proprietorial pride and yield what we have sown or created, it would grow so much more and we would mature in the blessings which yielding brings. Sobering and uplifting at once, Prince encourages us to 'let go' by illustrating ways in which this is beneficial - scriptural and in modern life. He refers to numerous personal instances when he chose to yield - often painfully - and then reaped the huge rewards of his obedience and humility. It was, he says, one of the major routes to the true freedom he enjoyed to the end of his life."

"Again, Derek Prince has written an easy to understand, full of truth, Scripturally based and a must read for any devoted believer."

"It talks about what intentionally following Jesus entails - which is surrendering, or yielding as it is. I liked that the author clearly defined what, "taking up the cross daily" (in Luke 9:23) means. It's a good read."