Unshakable Hope: Joyful expectation in every season

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The Bible’s definition of hope stands in sharp contrast to the world’s.

While worldly hope is nothing more than wishful thinking, Scripture paints a picture of hope as a confident expectation that releases supernatural power.

Where there is hope, there is fertile soil for abundant life, miracles, answered prayers, and blessings.

When you are rooted in true hope, you can take hold of every promise God has offered! 

Renowned preacher and author, Derek Prince writes on the power of hope as…
• A window into God’s perspective of reality
• A sure anchor in every one of life’s storms
• A deep well from which to draw during times of spiritual drought
• A supernatural force, empowering persistence in prayer until God’s promises are manifest

Lay hold of the unshakable power of hope, and step into increased blessings in your life today!

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