What Did You Say?

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Paperback and eBook

Previously published as Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

Words shape your destiny! The Bible declares that life and death are found in the power of the tongue.

Every Christian knows it is imperative to keep the tongue under control but, sooner or later, finds that he cannot do so himself.

Derek Prince provides clear, biblical steps to discipline the tongue, the steps needed for healing, the importance of confession, and more so that your words will be spoken for God's glory and your blessing!

Customer Reviews

"This is a very important read. I have often misused my words, and it gave me a clear emphasis on how important my words are. You can build someone up, or tear them down with your tongue so it is important to keep it captive. I am thankful for this book. It is a very quick read that is enjoyable."

"Interesting title, and equally interesting content - wise words, will get you rethinking how much you control what comes out of your mouth, and the possible consequences of not doing so (e.g. what you say can end up sticking to/cursing you without you realising it - with biblical references)."

"Blessing and curses are in the mouth of the tongue. Be careful what you say to others and what you speak against yourself. For it could end in a self-fulfilled prophecy, which is all good when what you are speaking is positive...however there are two sides to each coin."



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