Resourcing you and your church to grow strong disciples 

As a church leader, you want to encourage your congregation to root their faith in God’s Word and to grow spiritually. You want them to know God's Word, apply it and live by it. We understand your passion! 

Derek Prince Ministries UK can help you make this happen by offering you and your church a wide range of insightful Bible teaching resources. 
Our heart’s desire is to see believers in local churches across the UK connect with God at a deeper level and learn more about a wide range of issues like:

  • The vital keys to growing spiritually through prayer and fasting; 
  • How to become a spiritual warrior; 
  • How to break off generational curses in the lives of individuals and families; 
  • The significance of the divine exchange that took place on the Cross; 
  • To better understand the role Israel plays in God’s plan of redemption and much more. 

What we can provide

Our resource offerings outlined below are designed to help busy pastors and lay leaders like you to minister life and godly encouragement to your congregations. Here are some of the things we can offer: 

  • Free materials for young leaders in your church (FIT-program) 
    This exciting initiative aims to equip leaders for ministry in the church and the world. FIT stands for Foundation and Identity through Teaching. Young leaders can participate for free. Others are welcome to participate in this course by paying a fee. Discover the program!

Get your church to combat spiritual hunger worldwide

For over five decades God empowered and used Derek Prince to teach life-changing Gospel truths to Christians worldwide. Today, thanks to the generosity of individuals and churches like yours, DPM continues to impact lives in the UK and internationally.

By sending a gift to our Outreaches your church can enable our workers in over 100 countries to make Derek’s discipleship materials available in local languages and to strengthen the life and witness of local churches. 

Give to DPM Outreaches

Thanks to your churches’ generosity...

  • Muslim converts in the Middle East will be strengthened in their faith.
  • Pastors in China’s underground church will be equipped to teach their congregations.
  • Bible college students in the former Soviet Republics, India or Eastern Europe will be trained on church planting and much more. 

Thank you for your church’s support!