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Some Christians view prayer as nothing more than asking God for what they need – sharing their ‘shopping list’ of daily needs with God!

This is a limited and incomplete view of prayer. When in reality, as Derek Prince puts it: “God’s people in prayer are an "orchestra" conducted by the Holy Spirit.”

This online course focuses on the three most important aspects of the prayer orchestra: thanksgiving, praise, and worship.

  • Thanksgiving puts God's goodness at the centre of your life every day.
  • Praise brings you into close contact with God's infinite greatness.
  • And worship brings us to God's holiness. And it is vital if you want to hear His voice!

In this online course, you will explore these three aspects of prayer and you will discover new ways to incorporate them in your walk with the Lord.

About the course

The course consists of six parts or lessons. Each week, you will access a new lesson. You can engage with each lesson at your own time, at your own pace on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Here is a list of the topics covered in this course:

  • Why are thanksgiving, praise, and worship important in our walk with God?
  • What makes worship different from thanksgiving and praise?
  • What does it mean to have an attitude of worship?
  • What are the results of true worship?
  • What 'demands' does God have for those who want to approach Him?
  • What role does our body have in worshipping God?
  • What can we learn from the model of the tabernacle when it comes to true worship?

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Course start

This course will start on 6 May 2021. Every week you will receive a reminder via email about the release of the new lesson.

The final lesson will be online on 10 June 2021. And, you have one month after that date to complete the course.

This course is developed to strengthen your spiritual life and to deepen your intimacy with God. Our hope is that you will enjoy it and increase your intimacy with God by participating in it but please note that Derek Prince Ministries will not manually mark the work you do on this course (we are using an automated system to mark your work) and we will not issue any course completion certificates.

How to study

Every week on Thursday, a new lesson becomes available, with a variety of elements – interactive questions, video clips and proclamations, and study of Derek Prince’ books Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship and Entering the Presence of God.

Reading the related passages from the book, watching the suggested videos, and answering the questions online are likely to take one to two hours a week.  

There is no tutor to review your work but if you have any questions; email us at

Course fee

This DPM online course is free so that anyone can benefit from them.

However, to enhance your experience on this course two books by Derek Prince are required reading. They are: Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship and Entering the Presence of God.

If you already have these books or e-books, you can participate in this course for free. Otherwise, you can purchase these books at a special course discount. 

Here at DPM we are keen to develop more courses like this one and doing this well takes time, energy, and resources. If you wish to make a donation to our ministry to help us expand this area we would really appreciate it.

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Required resources

  • Book or e-book Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship (required)
  • Book or e-book Entering the Presence of God (required)
  • Set of 3 Proclamation Cards on Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship (optional). These proclamations are part of the online course but we recommend that you order the cards, to always have them at hand.

You can order these materials when signing up for the course, using the button below. You will receive your order before the start of the course (6 May).

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