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Promised Land

Deepen your understanding of God’s special plan and purpose with Israel and what that implies to us, Christians.

What do the Biblical prophecies say about Israel? Where does recent history relate to these prophecies? What is God’s plan for the future of Israel? This course will help you discover the answers to these questions and leaves you deeply impressed by God's faithfulness and the accuracy of His Word!

This course is currently not available. Let us know if you would like to be informed when this course runs again.

About the Course

The course consists of 8 lessons. Each week, a new lesson is released. You can take these lessons at your own time, at your own pace on your pc, laptop, tablet or mobile device. A variety of question types is used to make your study a pleasant experience.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Prophecies about Israel and how to interpret the developments in the Middle East.
  • Birth pains of a nation: what preceded the state of Israel?
  • God’s predetermined plan: the Scriptures talk about the several phases of Israel’s recovery and the origin of the conflict in the Middle East.
  • The regathering of Israel: prophecies fulfilled.
  • After the political recover of Israel, the spiritual recovery will follow. What did Jesus teach about this restoration of Israel?
  • Whose is the land? A controversial but important question!
  • The judgment of the nations. God’s Word describes a final, dramatic climax of history, where all nations will gather to fight against Israel.
  • How do we respond to the biblical prophecies about Israel? What is our responsibility for antisemitism in Church(history)? How can we contribute to God’s fulfilment of His purpose with Israel and the nations?

Course Start

The online course Promised Land will start on 24 September 2020. Each week, a new lesson will be released in the course environment. A weekly reminder will be sent to you. After the final lesson has been put online (12 November 2020) you have one more month to finish any lessons you may not have completed yet. 

The course is developed to strengthen your spiritual life and to deepen your understanding of God's heart for Israel and the nations. Therefore, a course certificate will not be offered after completing the course. 

How To Study

Every week on Thursday, a new lesson becomes available, with of a variety of elements – interactive questions, video clips and proclamations, and study of Derek Prince’ book The Key to the Middle East. Reading the related passages from the book, watching the videos and answering the questions online takes about one to two hours a week.

Automated correction is used. There is no tutor to review your work but if you have any questions; simply email to


All DPM online courses are offered for free so that anyone can benefit from them. Providing such courses is part of our mission to equip new generations of Christians and to resource those who have no or limited access to Bible teaching.

However, for some of our courses, resources are required. For the Promised Land Course, the book 'The Key to the Middle East' is required. If you already have this book or ebook, you can start the course at no cost at all. 

The development of an online course is costly. Therefore, we offer people the opportunity to make a donation for this purpose. (This doesn’t include the required materials for the course. They need to be purchased separately.)

Course Resources

  • Book or e-book 'The Key to the Middle East' (required)
  • Set of 6 Proclamation Cards for Israel (optional). These proclamations are part of the online course but we recommend that you order the cards, to always have them at hand.

You can order these materials when signing up for the course, using the button below. 

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