Walk the Talk

Do you want to:

  • Increase your knowledge of God’s Word?
  • Develop your ministry gifts and pastoral skills?
  • Find effective resources for home group discussions?
  • Build up a library of useful Bible teaching to share with others?

Walk the Talk provides you with monthly teaching by Derek Prince on CDs or DVDs. Depending on how many messages you would like to receive, you can participate in this plan by way of either an annual or a monthly subscription:

  1. One off annual payment of £36 (inclusive of p&p):  receive one CD message every month from our extensive library of Derek’s audio teaching / CD of the Month: 1 CD message per month
  2. Monthly subscription of £12 (inclusive of p&p): receive either 2 or 4 messages each month depending whether you choose DVD or CD format / CD Package: 4 CD messages per month - DVD Package: 2 DVD messages per month

Gift idea: You can give a Walk the Talk CD of the month annual subscription to a friend or family member for only £36 and encourage them to grow closer to God!

Apply today by calling us on 01462 492100.