The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,
and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ
(Romans 8:16-17)

The New Testament tells us all that has been made available to us through the death of Jesus on our behalf. It reveals our inheritance. It reveals that we are heirs of a Kingdom.

Unfortunately, many Christians have never yet discovered what their real inheritance is or how to gain it. They are like a man who is an heir to a tremendous fortune but has never taken the steps to find out what his inheritance is, or to claim it. You don't want to be like that! 

Therefore, in the next couple of weeks, this new series of devotionals will help you discover and claim your inheritance as Christian.

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Devotional: The Gift of Sleep

One of the beautiful revelations of Scripture is that sleep is a gift of God for those He loves. David found himself under tremendous pressures, surrounded by enemies on every side, his very life threatened. He speaks of “tens of thousands drawn up against me on every side.” Yet in the midst of it all he knows the blessedness of untroubled, restful sleep. He gives two reasons...

Devotional: Blessed Prosperity

Blessed; the opening word of the Psalms contains the essence of all that is to follow. The blessings they unfold flow in two directions: from God to man, and from man back again to God. David goes on to sum up the blessedness promised to man in one brief, expressive sentence: “Whatever he does prospers.” How can you be such a person—blessed of Gods o that whatever you do prospers?

Devotional: Claiming our inheritance, for the Glory of Christ

I want to point out an important thing that many Christians overlook. Most of God's promises are conditional! In other words, in most cases, but not in all cases, when God gives a promise He says to His people, "If you will do so-and-so, then I will do so-and-so." But we have no right to claim the promise unless we first meet the condition.

Devotional: Say 'yes' to God's promises

The ultimate purpose of existence is to glorify God and God has so arranged the promises He's given us that every time we appropriate those promises in faith, we glorify God. The more we appropriate God's promises, the more we glorify Him! You see really, there are two alternatives before us: Unbelief, that robs God of His glory; or faith, that gives God the glory due to Him.