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Daily Inspiration from God's Word 

In 2021, a new series of daily devotionals will be available to you, taken from Derek Prince's captivating book Declaring God's Word.

Begin each day in the presence of the Creator, rest on the truth of God's Word, and you will experience the joy of seeing Him perform miracles, signs and wonders in your life! 

In a teaching on the release of authority when God’s Word is spoken by believers, Derek quoted Jeremiah 1:9—“Behold, I have put My words in your mouth”—then made this bold claim: when we declare the Word that God puts in our mouths, our proclamation carries as much authority as if God Himself were declaring it. That is the unique power and authority set in motion by Declaring God’s Word.

Each day, you will have the chance to response to the daily teaching, which begins with a proclamation Derek originated. The section that follows the teaching summarizes what Derek has taught with a prayer and proclamation related to the day’s topic.

May you grow in faith as you absorb Derek’s teachings, proclaim the truth of God’s Word, and pray to your Father in heaven, confident that you are joining with Christians everywhere, powerfully declaring God’s Word and advancing His gospel.

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Today's Devotional: Two Directions of Forgiveness

17 January 2021

Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful words in any language. What makes it such a special and beautiful word? Consider some of the results that flow from forgiveness: reconciliation, peace, harmony, understanding, fellowship. How our world today stands in such dire need of these things! In contrast, consider some of the consequences that flow...

Today's Devotional: Settling All Claims

16 January 2021

If all our sins are forgiven, we have total rights of redemption. But if there is any sin in our lives that is not confessed—and is therefore not forgiven—we do not have full legal rights of redemption in that area. Satan still has a claim in that area. I have proved this many times in the ministry of deliverance. If Satan has any claim, he will not give it up. You can shout in his face or fast...

Today's Devotional: Full Rights of Redemption

15 January 2021

In Ephesians 1:7, we see this provision of the blood of Jesus: In Him [Christ] we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace. This is important to undertand, because we have the full legal rights of redemption only insofar as our sins are forgiven.

Today's Devotional: Out of One Kingdom—into Another

14 January 2021

It is a fact that God has delivered us from the power of darkness—that is, Satan’s kingdom—and conveyed us into the kingdom of Christ. Thus, we have redemption—our sins are forgiven. We are no longer in Satan’s territory, nor are we under his authority. The unbelieving, those who reject Christ, the rebellious, and the disobedient are under Satan’s legitimate authority, but we Christians are not.