Encouragement, vision, inner strength, correction and inspiration are a few of the divine truths available to all believers through the Psalms.

This new series of meditations are personal, enriching and practical for everyday life. Capturing something of the heart of David, and so also of the heart of God, these expressive meditations will open your heart to intimate communication with your Shepherd.

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Devotional: Open My Ears!

When David refers to burnt offering and meal offering and sin offering, he is speaking about the externals of religion. He is saying, in essence, that these by themselves are not sufficient. We may attend to all the externals, yet miss the part that really matters. We need to hear the voice of God, speaking to us directly and personally. When God opens our ears and we in turn surrender our lives...

Devotional: Commit —Then Trust!

Do you want God in charge of your situation, your problems, your whole life? There are three simple steps that lead to this. First, commit your way to the Lord. That is a single decisive act. Committing your way to the Lord is like depositing money in a bank. You hand your money over to the teller, take your own hands off it, and obtain a receipt for it. Second, trust also in the Lord. Commitment

Devotional: Delighted in God

I once heard someone ask this question: “Do you enjoy your religion, or do you endure it?” To the majority of people, religion is something to endure, a kind of painful duty. However, that is not how God wants us to experience Him. The Westminster Confession, the basic doctrinal statement of the Presbyterian Church, says: “The supreme duty of man is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.”

Devotional: Sharing God’s Pleasures

We come to God for refuge because we are oppressed, because we cannot handle our problems. We take refuge in the shadow of His wings. But once we are there under His shadow, we discover that He has provided much more for us than mere refuge. He has provided a feast. He has provided abundance. We feast on the abundance of His house. Not only that, but He gives us to drink of “the river of His deli