In our third series of devotional messages from Derek Prince in 2022, we will be looking closely at how and why God has been 'shaking all things' and will continue to do so prior to the return of His Son to rule and reign on earth.
In the midst of the storms in the last days, God desires that His people be firmly established on the Rock and be a shining witness to the world. The need to prepare is urgent.
We will be sharing two short messages each week, based on Derek’s teaching, I Will Shake All Things. We trust that you will be strengthened and encouraged as Derek shares vital truths for these days from God’s Word.

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The Kingdom of God First

23 June 2022

What is the primary objective of God? It’s that His kingdom may come. And we can only align ourselves with God and with His purpose when we are aligned with the coming of God’s kingdom, when everything we do is ultimately directed towards the coming of the kingdom of God.

Hastening the Coming of the Lord

21 June 2022

When will the end come? When the gospel of the kingdom has been proclaimed in all the world as a witness to all the nations (Matthew 24:14). Who is responsible to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom? We are. So, how can we hasten the coming of the Lord? By proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom.

Expecting the Coming of the Lord

16 June 2022

The motivation for holy living is primarily looking for the coming of our Lord. If you analyse the teaching of the New Testament on holiness, you’ll see that in almost every case it’s linked up with the expectation of the Lord’s return. I believe that where the Church loses the sense of expectation of the Lord’s return, New Testament standards of holiness are impossible.

Keep Your Heart Pure

14 June 2022

Everything there is in life comes out of your heart. If you have a pure heart you will have a pure life. And if your heart is impure your life will be impure. That’s an unalterable law that governs all human conduct. And remember, what you put into your heart determines the course of your life. You cannot have the wrong thing in your heart and live right.