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Proclaiming God's Word in every situation - that is the central theme of the latest edition of DPM World Magazine. Throughout his life, Derek Prince practised proclaiming God’s Word in tough situations and taught a great deal about how you and I can do the same.

In this magazine:

  • How to proclaim the Word of God in every situation (study article) 
  • A year in review - see what your gifts and made possible in 2019!
  • Learning how to shape history through prayer and fasting (study by Derek Prince)
  • DPM outreaches key projects for 2020
  • Discover our online Bible courses.

Special offers: 

  • 50% off on a selection of products about prayer, fasting and proclamation
  • Free copies of The Divine Exchange to give away to your neighbours and colleagues
  • Receive a set of proclamation cards with a donation of any amount.

Receive DPMWorld by post

If you prefer to receive a free copy of the magazine by post so you can read it at your leisure, we would gladly send you a copy. Please email us or call us at +44 (0)1462 492100 to let us know. You can request additional copies for your friends or for your family members too.

We will post it free of charge to you or your friends living in the UK.  If you live abroad, we are happy to send you a copy of DPMWorld for a small donation towards our outreaches.

I hope that as you read this issue of DPMWorld you will be inspired to continue to pray for and to support our ministry of helping Christians worldwide to experience the life-changing power of God’s Word.

Share the Good News this Easter!

A Proclamation For Easter - Jesus Christ has risen!
Proclamation Card

A Proclamation For Easter - Jesus Christ has risen!

Jesus Christ has risen! A Proclamation For Easter


Greeting Cards

Easter Card - Happy Easter

Happy Easter - send your family and friends a message of life and hope! This wonderful Easter card contains a strong Christian message inside, with enough space to write down your personal greetings. A pack of 10 x A5 cards, including envelopes.


Front cover

The Divine Exchange Ministry Copy

To help you share the Good News about Jesus Christ this Easter, we offer you free copies of The Divine Exchange, to give away to your non-Christian friends, neighbours or colleagues.


Help Christians in China to bring hope in the midst of the coronavirus crisis

The fear of getting infected with the coronavirus has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. That same fear has stirred a new boldness in the hearts of a group of Christians in Wuhan.