Meet Bransilav Cekan: a man with a big heart for Eastern Europe

Branislav got involved with our ministry in 2002 when he started translating Derek’s teaching in the Slovak language. In 2005 he registered DPM in Slovakia and in 2013 he officially became the director of outreach in Eastern Europe.

Q: How did you come across Derek Prince’s teaching?

I first heard of Derek Prince’s teaching soon after my conversion in 1993. My youth pastor encouraged me to study Foundations for Christian Living. However, it took me a while to do this because at that time this book was only available in the Czech language.

The first Christian book I read from cover to cover was Derek’s book titled ‘Appointment in Jerusalem.’ I really enjoyed it.

Q: What are some of your key responsibilities?

As a director of DPM Slovakia outreach office I’m responsible for managing the ongoing projects in the Slovak language: arranging translations and proofreading, printing, developing the website networking with church leaders and prison chaplains to make Derek’s materials available to them.

As a Director of the outreach in Eastern Europe my main responsibility is to coordinate the ministry in ten countries - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Albania and Slovenia.

I visit our outreach workers and volunteers regularly to help them to implement DPM’s vision in their countries.

Q: What do you like the most about your job?

I enjoy encouraging our outreach workers, praying with them and enabling them to use the gifts that God has given them to be more effective in His service. Another thing I find very enjoyable too is listening to people sharing about how Derek’s materials have helped them to become fruitful vessels for God’s Kingdom purposes.

Q: In your opinion, what are some of the challenges Christians are facing in Eastern Europe today and how can we help them?

The top challenge is lack of sound Bible teaching, “the whole counsel of God”, not just teaching on selected topics. Another challenge is busyness with life, work or family that often hinders Christians from digging deeper into God’s Word and growing strong in their faith.

Other issues include struggling with poverty, divorce and ignorance of God’s calling and purposes for their lives.

We are responding to these challenges by making more of Derek’s foundational Bible teaching available in both print and online. Also, our workers are hosting more training events and conferences on practical topics like the marriage covenant, how to be a good husband and father how to manage finances well and much more.

Q: What would you like DPM supporters to pray for?

My first prayer request is to invite them to ask the Lord to guide and protect our outreach workers as they strive to equip local Christians across Eastern Europe to respond to their God given calling.

My second prayer request is for asking the Lord to open new doors for making Derek’s resources available to every believer.


Branislav and his wife Claudia have two sons Samuel and Jesse. They live in former East Germany, close to the Czech border.

Conference Cechzoslavia, 1990

Gathering Zagreb, 1990

Baptism service Albania, 1991 

Conference in Poland, Lublin 1996

Translator, Romania 


30 years of DPM’s outreach in Eastern Europe.

It’s a new milestone, and it’s a miracle.

With your continued support, our outreach in Eastern Europe became a key player in enabling thousands of local churches to minister God’s life-changing Word to people who were left hopeless, disillusioned and impoverished by decades of Communism.

Behind every milestone of our success, are thousands of acts of generosity and prayers.

THANK YOU for all you have done to put Derek’s Bible teaching into the hands, homes and hearts of thousands of Christians across Eastern Europe