How Derek’s teaching has impacted your life

Ravi Dua is one of our supporters who got in touch recently to share with us how Derek’s teaching has impacted his life. He coaches and mentors entrepreneurs globally (via Zoom). Ravi and his wife, who is a medical doctor and pastor, are regular listeners of Derek Prince’s podcasts. This is Ravi’s story.

"I grew up in a Hindu home and had a very successful career working both in the UK and the US, but in my 30s I started to wonder whether there really was a God. One day in 1997, I cried out to him, 'God, if you are really there, reveal yourself to me'.

Then I asked my wife if she had any books on faith, and she gave me Derek Prince’s The Spirit-Filled Believer's Handbook [now titled Foundational Truths for Christian Living]. She told me to read the chapter on Faith and gave me some of his audiotapes. I loved reading the book and found Derek’s style of writing so easy to understand. This led me to hearing more and more of his audio tapes, especially the one titled That I May Know Him.

A few months later, Jesus appeared to me on 1 October 1997 when I accepted Him as Lord. My wife Lavanya and I have been greatly helped by the example Derek set in following his calling and our faith has been built up by reading his many books and hearing his teachings. This has enabled us to make the tough decisions to leave our then secure careers and move into areas where God was calling us. I shifted from the comfort of working for clients like Coca-Cola and Shell to being in business for myself and helping entrepreneurs become the big businesses of tomorrow. Lavanya left medicine to become a Mental Wellness coach and ordained pastor. We have seen amazing miracles and great fruit.

An example of God’s goodness, favour and grace was what I experienced in 2002. To support Israel’s economy after 9/11, I, along with 400 other entrepreneurs from around the world, attended a business conference in Jerusalem. I had always had a desire to meet Derek Prince. Towards the end of this conference, the organisers said they had a surprise speaker to address us. It was Derek Prince! He was brought in before his speaking slot and they sat him next to me! I was able to personally thank Derek and shake his hand, not too long before he passed away.

I love DPM’s podcasts and listen to each one at least twice! These teachings are still relevant for today. I am using Derek’s material to help me do the will of God, flow in Faith and build His Kingdom, as I assist my clients in various industries and in different parts of the world in growing and expanding. Even in this last year, they have all seen great increase and success despite the market dynamics.

For my part, I have experienced my best year yet of my 40 years in business, and it continues to grow. Thank you so much to you and your team for doing an amazing job to keep Derek’s teachings and wisdom alive for the next generation."

If you would like to share your story of how Derek’s teaching has impacted your life, drop us a line at: We would love to hear from you!