Staff blog: 'Sozo' - God's perfect plan

There I was, laying in my bed, afraid to even move a toe. I feared the pain would kill me! Last week I hurt my back. It’s in situations like these that our faith is challenged. Jesus is my Saviour, but did I truly believe He is my Healer also? I remembered what Derek Prince wrote about the Greek word ‘sozo’, that is often translated as ‘save’. The translation obscures the fuller meaning of the

Blog: If I were a rich man…

If I were a rich man… Whenever I read these words, the music starts playing in my mind. It’s such a well-known song! But maybe it’s not only that. Maybe it’s because I recognise the dream. If only I were rich! Every year, in the last week or last days of the year, I’m tempted to participate in the national lottery. I could become a millionaire! It’s really hard to use my brain function at those

Blog: Halloween - trick or truth?

Halloween is coming up and the stores are starting to sell their pumpkins, witch dresses and all that goes with this ‘festival’. Before the Lord saved me in a dramatic way, I was involved in witchcraft, so to me, Halloween has a different meaning than for many others. I don’t see it as harmless, just fun for children to enjoy. In fact, both the historical background as well as today’s practice of

Blog: A Life changing prayer

Recently a young woman told me how Derek's book 'Called to Conquer' had really changed her life: “Derek challenged me to make a decision, and that first decision led to another, and another, and so on. But it started with his challenge to ‘present my body’ to God, as Paul described in Romans 12. Derek Prince is the first one who could ever really explain to me what that means.”

Blog: Finding my place in God’s Kingdom

I believe there are two great moments in a person’s life. The first is the moment you were born. The second is the moment you discover why you were born. We are all born for a reason, and it is our responsibility to discover that reason – the ‘why’, the calling of our lives. Then we can redirect our path toward God’s optimal purpose for our lives. It is when you reach this second moment that