Alpha Course follow-up resources for your church

Our heart's desire is to see believers in local churches across the UK connect with God at a deeper level. That's why we're offering churches a 35% discount on all purchases of multiple copies of the Self-Study Bible Course and Foundational truths for Christian Living.

These teaching manuals provide a great framework for helping new believers from the Alpha course and others who want to dig deeper into the Word of God. They can be used by individual believers or in a group study. 

Self-Study Bible Course

Open your Bible and start finding answers. Twenty lessons address topics such as sin, healing, heaven, answer to prayer, baptism in the Holy Spirit and more. Memory work, study questions and notes lay a solid foundation for building a strong Christian life.


Foundational Truths for Christian Living

Develop a strong, balanced, Spirit-filled life, by discovering the foundations of faith: salvation; baptism, the Holy Spirit, laying on hands, the believers' resurrection and eternal judgment.

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At the End of Time Study Version

In this book, Derek Prince reveals the nature of eternity and outlines what lies ahead in the realm of end-time events.


Authority and Power of God’s Word Study Version

Both the Bible and Jesus Christ are identified as the Word of God. Learn how Jesus endorsed the authority of Scripture and how to use God’s Word as a two-edged sword yourself.


Faith and Works Study Version

Many Christians live in a kind of twilight - halfway between law and grace. They do not know which is which nor how to avail themselves of God's grace. Learn how you can "do the work" (James 1:25) and be blessed in what you do.


Faith Life Essentials: Small Group Manual

This free Small Group Manual PDF download, offers helpful information and practical tips, to get you started with Derek's Faith Life Essentials series.


Final Judgment Study Version

This book examines the four major, successive scenes of judgment in eternity. Exploring the distinctive aspects of these four judgments - the who, the what and the why of them - Derek opens the Scriptures to bring forth treasures hidden there.


Founded on the Rock Study Version

There is only one foundation strong enough for the Christian life, and we must be sure our lives are built on Jesus Himself.


Immersion in the Spirit (Study Version)

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all emphasize the fact that Jesus is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. But what does it mean to be baptized in the Spirit? And how can we receive this baptism? Discover the answer to these questions and more in this foundational study by Derek Prince.


Resurrection of the body Study Version

The death and resurrection of Jesus produced a change in the universe. Derek explains here how the resurrection of Jesus impacted man’s spirit, soul, and body.


The Doctrine of Baptisms Study Version

A baptism is a transition - out of an old way of living into a totally new way of living. It is total immersion. All of our being is involved. This book presents an explanation of the three different forms of baptism presented in the Bible.


Through Repentance to Faith Study Version

What is faith? And how can you develop it? It starts with repentance: to change the way we think and to act accordingly.


Transmitting God's Power Study Version

Laying on of hands is one of the basic tenets of the Christian faith. By it, we may transmit God's blessing and authority and commission someone for service. Discover this Biblical doctrine!