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The Bible is God’s Word to us as created human beings. It is our “instruction manual” to find the path to salvation in Jesus and to know how to walk with Him. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to do that.

A sad fact is that very often we forget most of what we have heard quite quickly. As a result, what we have heard often has little impact on the way that we continue to live. That is why DPM has developed a special series of Study Guides: Foundations - Faith Live Essentials.

The Foundations - Faith Life Essentials series contains 10 messages by Derek Prince. When this teaching is applied in your life, with faith, it will deepen your relationship with God and enable you to live a truly successful Christian life. The study questions will help you to inculcate the truths that you have heard into your head and heart. Thus, these truths will become more than just knowledge; they will begin to change the way that you live! 

How to study

Each study is based on an online sermon by Derek Prince. You will find the videos below. Each study is divided into three sections. 

Set aside a reasonable length of time to watch Derek’s teaching or read the first section of the book. After each section, answer the questions in your study guide. 

Each section ends with a summary. It is worth reviewing them periodically to help you remember the important truths that you have already learned. The more revision you do, the more you are going to remember.

Share what you have learned with others, whether to a friend, home group or congregation or even online! The more you share the truths you are learning, the more they will become part of your own life and testimony.

Study Groups

As well as being used by individuals, Derek Prince’s messages and this Study Guide are very well suited for use within a group context. Use the questions for personal reflection or discuss them with others. 

There is a free Group Leaders manual available for you as a download, filled with practical tips and tricks to get your group started. 

Reaching people worldwide

These Study Guides were put together as part of a project to make 30 of Derek's core messages available worldwide, through a generous donation to Derek’s ministry. The videos have been translated and prepared in 15 different languages. We trust there will be even more in time!

Already Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani, Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Indonesian, Middle Eastern, European, South American and other languages have been included, as the Bible Course team have worked tirelessly to make this teaching available to as many people as possible. Visit our DPM Video Bible School for these languages.

Special discount & free DVD

When you order a complete set (all 10 books of the series) or 10 copies of the same title, you are offered a 25% discount. The normal price would be £39.90 but now you only pay £29.90.

In order to benefit from this special discount, please contact us by phone +44 (0)1462 492100 or email: to place your order. 

Each study Guide contains a QR code that links you to Derek's teaching, but if you prefer a DVD over watching online, we are happy to send you a free DVD on request. Please contact us by phone or email


Study Topics

  • Founded on the Rock
  • Authority and Power of God’s Word
  • Through Repentance to Faith 
  • Faith and Works 
  • Immersion in Water
  • Immersion in the Spirit
  • Transmitting God’s Power 
  • At the End of Time 
  • Resurrection of the Dead 
  • Eternal Judgement 
Faith Life Essentials: Small Group Manual

Faith Life Essentials: Small Group Manual

This free Small Group Manual PDF download, offers helpful information and practical tips, to get you started with Derek's Faith Life Essentials series.


1. Founded on the Rock
There is only one foundation strong enough for the Christian life., and we must be sure our lives are built on Jesus Himself.

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Founded on the Rock 

4. Faith and Works
Many Christians live in a kind of twilight - halfway between law and grace. They do not know which is which nor how to avail themselves of God’s grace.

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Faith and Works

7. Transmitting God’s Power
Discover the doctrine of laying on of hands, by which we may transmit God’s blessing and authority and commission someone for service.

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Transmitting God's Power

10. Final Judgment
Study of the four major, successive scenes of judgment in eternity. Exploring the distinctive aspects of them, brings forth treasures hidden there.

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Final Judgment

2. Authority and Power of God’s Word
Learn how Jesus endorsed the authority of Scripture and to use God’s Word as a two-edged sword yourself.

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Authority and Power of God's Word

5. The Doctrine of Baptisms
A baptism is a transition - out of an old way of living into a totally new way of living. This study explains the three different forms of baptism presented in the Bible.

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The Doctrine of Baptisms

8. At The End of Time
In this study, Derek Prince reveals the nature of eternity and outlines what lies ahead in the realm of end-time events.


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At The End of Time

3. Through Repentance to Faith
What is faith? And how can you develop it? It starts with repentance: to change the way we think and to act accordingly.

6. Immersion in the Spirit
What does it mean to be baptized in the Holy Spirit? How does this experience look like? What is God's purpose with it?
9. Resurrection of the Body
The death and resurrection of Jesus produced a change in the universe. It impacted man’s spirit, soul, and body.