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Lent Resources 2021

Fasting Successfully

Previously published as: How to Fast Successfully. Reading this book and applying the Biblical guidelines for fasting will help you obtain the greatest benefits from fasting, both spiritual and physical. Journal Edition.

From £2.49


God requires His people to humble themselves before Him, and has revealed a simple, practical way to accomplish this.

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Waiting For God

Waiting for God is the key to learning His way and also it's one of the steps that are sometimes necessary in seeking deliverance from our enemies and from opposition.

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Secure In God's Choice

Don't let today's challenges make you fearful for the future. Learning to understand the seven stages of God's eternal plan will deliver you from futile anxiety and self-effort!

From £1.49

The Power of the Sacrifice

In this powerful book, Derek Prince reveals the seven major ways the blood of Jesus impacts our lives. By understanding and embracing these truths, you, too, can overcome Satan.

From £2.49

Communion in its Fullness

Derek Prince shares seven personal insights that will enrich your participation in the Lord's Table.

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Repentance then is something we cannot get around. It's something required of every one of us. If it's so important, so vital to our well being and our eternal future, we need to know what repentance really is—what does God really require of us?

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Atonement - Volume 1

By the perfect all sufficient sacrifice, Jesus cancelled forever the effects of sin and provided complete well being for every believer.

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Atonement - Volume 2

Derek Prince continues his study about the many wonderful aspects of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and the practical steps believers can take to appropriate its provisions.

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Easter Resources For Sharing Good News

If you and your church are seeking to share the good news of Jesus this Easter get in touch with us for ordering bulk copies of these resources. Call us at (0)1462 492100 or email.

Extravagant Love

The very nature of God is love. Discover God's extravagant love and let it impact your life. This book is also a great tool for evangelism to help others experience God's love, too.

From £2.49

What's so Important About the Cross

We know that the cross is a historical fact and is the symbol of Christianity, but does it have any true meaning and value to us today?

From £3.99

A Proclamation For Easter - Jesus Christ has risen!

Jesus Christ has risen! A Proclamation For Easter