Resources for ministry and local mission

Is your church involved in outreach? You'll receive a 35% discount on all purchases of books, booklets, proclamation cards and pamphlets that can be used for local outreach events or for blessing each other and strengthening the body of Christ. 

Foreign language recources are also available upon request.

Christ's Last Order

If you feel you can't share the good news of Jesus with your friends or family, this book will encourage you to use the resources God has given you to fulfill Christ's last order.

From £3.49

Proclamation Cards Pack ‘Identity'

In the desert, the enemy tried to tempt Jesus to prove He was God's son. Likewise, he is trying to tempt us to doubt God's love. This pack of proclamation cards is a reminder of God's Fatherhood and your unique position in Christ.


The Divine Exchange

Learn how the sacrificial death of Jesus on the Cross provides so much more than simply an escape from Hell - but the supply of all your needs in life.

From £1.99

Rediscovering God's Church

Be infused with a new sense of power and expectation as you learn what it means to be a vital member of the body of Christ and help fulfil God's vision for the church in a lost world.

From £6.49

Proclamation Cards Pack ‘Faith/Beliefs’

Living a life of faith is based on the Word of God - knowing God's promises and your response to them. Let these beautifully designed proclamation cards remind you of God's eternal truths for your life and strengthen you in your walk of faith!


Limitless Resources for Total Outreach

To the ends of the earth ...' Christ demonstrated that your resources can be multiplied to meet this challenge. Be encouraged and equipped!

From £0.99

Extravagant Love

The very nature of God is love. Discover God's extravagant love and let it impact your life. This book is also a great tool for evangelism to help others experience God's love, too.

From £2.49

The Four Aspects of the Cross

These messages reveal four related aspects of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. Through them God has supplied the total needs of humanity - including yours!

From £1.49

Proclamation Cards Pack ‘Healing’

Hope, healing, forgiveness, shelter... all these things can be found in God. Discover God's powerful promises and accept them in faith. Let God's eternal truth be the strong foundation in your life!


Self-Study Bible Course

Open your Bible and start finding answers. Twenty lessons address topics such as sin, healing, heaven, answer to prayer, baptism in the Holy Spirit and more. Memory work, study questions and notes lay a solid foundation for building a strong Christian life.


What's so Important About the Cross

We know that the cross is a historical fact and is the symbol of Christianity, but does it have any true meaning and value to us today?

From £3.99

Proclamation Cards Pack ‘Holy Spirit/Spiritual warfare'

These proclamation cards are great tools to remind yourself of God's truth for your life!