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Anticipating Jesus' Return

When you discover what Jesus’ return really means, you can begin living in light of His coming. Every moment becomes supernaturally charged with a new sense of victory, purpose, and destiny!

This easy-to-read, hope-filled approach to the end times will:

  • Give a fresh sense of purpose and mission˛to the people of God.
  • Remind you of the victory˛that is yours both today and forever.
  • Fill you with hope˛even in the midst of the trials and tragedies around you.
  • Show you how to practically prepare for Jesus’ return˛by enjoying union with God, completing your assignment, and cultivating a lifestyle of powerful prayer.
  • Unveil the main key to speeding up the Lord’s return!

Receive peace and comfort by resting in the truth of God’s goodness, power, and love — no matter what challenges may come up against you!

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Christ's Last Order

If you feel you can't share the good news of Jesus with your friends or family, this book will encourage you to use the resources God has given you to fulfill Christ's last order.

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God's Remedy for Rejection

Rejection is an all too common experience, but it can cause permanent spiritual wounds. Discover how to apply God's remedy for rejection to your heart!

From £3.99

By Grace Alone

It's time to stop striving, to walk away from lies of legalism. Discover what really matters, so that you can experience the freeing power of God's all-encompassing grace.

From £4.99

Set Apart for God

Holiness is a priceless gift from God. As we seek holiness, we will understand how deeply our holy God loves us and be continually drawn closer to Him.

From £4.49

Preparing For Messiah's Coming

The Bible has much to say about the 'End Time.' We need to heed its instructions, its directions, its warnings. It is coming very close!

From £0.99

Do You Realise How Valuable You Are?

Most Christians do not realise their value in God's eyes. This is not humility, but poor self-esteem. It is only when you know your value that you can exercise humility.

From £0.99

You Matter to God

Be set free from guilt, insecurity, fear and shame. Grasp your special place in all of God's created world and look at the world around you - and life - with utterly new vision.

From £4.49

Praying for the Government - Complimentary Copy

One of the most basic mandates for the Christian is to pray 'for kings and all who are in authority.' Now, perhaps more than ever before, we need to renew this commitment.


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