Biography / Testimony

A Teacher in the Body of Christ

Derek Prince speaks on the office of a teacher in the Body of Christ. He explains the two levels of teachers and gives the requirements and responsibilities of a teacher of doctrine.

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Appointment in Jerusalem

In Lydia Prince's search for God and her life's purpose, she is led to Jerusalem where she learns the power of prayer and experiences many miracles of provision and protection.

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Derek Prince - A Biography

This biography stirs your faith as you discover Derek's biblical wisdom and insight as well as his legacy as a father, prophet, teacher, and leader.Also available as an abridged audio book, read by Stephen Mansfield.


Derek Prince Biography - Audiobook

Now you can listen to an abridged version of Derek's compelling life story and discover the spiritual lessons God taught him during a lifetime of faithful service. Read by the author Stephen Mansfield.

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In Search of a City (Ruth Prince)

Ruth Prince, searching for fulfillment in Judaism, finds it in her Messiah. Obedience to Him leads her to Jerusalem - and Derek Prince!

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Mother in Israel (Lydia Prince)

How would you respond if God called you to something radical? Lydia Prince tells of how God took her from the classrooms of Denmark to Jerusalem. Her inspiring story will both amaze and challenge you.

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Pages from My Life's Book

Derek Prince shares his personal search for truth as a young man and his life-changing discovery that truth is a Person, Jesus.

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Pages from My Life's Book

Derek Prince shares his personal search for truth as a young man and his life-changing discovery that truth is a Person. During three years with the British forces in World War Two, the power of the Holy Spirit combined with the Bible began reshaping Derek Prince's life.

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Philosophy, the Bible and the Supernatural

What would you say if you had defend your faith to a roomful of academics? In this booklet, originally an address to University students, Derek Prince argues the case for Christianity and God's Word.

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The Man Behind the Ministry

The Man Behind the Ministry

In a heartwarming interview two years before his death in 2003, Derek Prince shares some of his most touching memories. Containing unique footage, this 3hr DVD about Derek's life will inspire you to trust God with your own life on a completely different level.


The Pathway of Commitment (Ruth Prince)

Commitment is the gateway to each stage of progress. Ruth Prince traces her path from the synagogue in America to serving her Messiah around the world.

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Truth, Faith, Love: My God - Given Goals

In this heart-to-heart message, Derek Prince shares God's revelations and personal dealings with him over more than five decades.

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What Makes Life Worth Living?

Derek Prince searched for life's purpose in many different forms - highbrow, lowbrow, intellectual, aesthetic - then found his answer at midnight in an army barracks.

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