Deliverance / Freedom from Curses

Basics of Deliverance

Drawing on 22 years of experience, Derek Prince imparts the basic truths that brings freedom. Two Part Series: How To Identify The EnemyHow To Expel The EnemyStudy Notes included

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Be Perfect

Derek points out that perfection encompasses two related aspects: maturity and completeness. Walk through 2 Peter 1: 2-7 as Derek uncovers severn building blocks explaining how to empower you to incorporate them into the foundation of your life.

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Being a servant

Servanthood is part of the divine nature, revealed in Jesus and in the Holy Spirit. Often despised in our contemporary culture, it is the way that God expresses Himself in human lives.

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Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose

Are you continually frustrated by sickness, financial pressure, strained relationships or other struggles that just won't go away? Learn how you can find freedom from curses.Includes Bible study guide

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Breaking Generational Curses

If you are frustrated, defeated, or never fully satisfied, there could be a spiritual reason behind it. Discover how you can pass from the dark shadow of a curse into the sunlight of God's blessing.

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Caleb: Lessons from a Dog's Life

Caleb (Hebrew 'Dog'): after 40 years in the wilderness, as strong at 85 as at 40 - for peace or for war. What was his secret?

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Curses: Cause and Cure

Many people experience continual frustration in areas such as marriage, health or finance, yet never discern the underlying cause: a curse. This series reveals both cause and cure.

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Don't Settle for Less

Previously published as: If You Want God's Best. The desire, the longing, the heart of God is to give you His very best. Derek Prince teaches you how to receive God's many gifts.

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Discover how and why faith, a relationship with God Himself, has no substitutes - and no limits.

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Finding Your Place

Your calling will determine your placement, your placement will release your special gifts.

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Four Truths for Life

God's standards for Christians are the same for all age groups. His conditions for success never vary. Derek Prince gives frank answers to frank questions from today's young people.

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From Curse to Blessing

Blessings and curses are two of the most powerful forces shaping your destiny - for good or for evil. Learn how to find freedom from struggles you thought you had to live with.

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Guilt Shame Rejection

Nearly all of us experience these three negative emotions at one time or another, but the death of Jesus on the cross offers us full deliverance and victory.

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Hearing God's Voice

To hear God's voice has always been the basic, unvarying requirement for all ongoing relationship with God.

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Holiness the Jesus Way

The New Testament way to holiness in Jesus: not effort, but union, not struggling, but yielding, not works, but faith.

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How to be Delivered

Deliverance from evil spirits is the one miracle which has no counterpart in the Old Testament. A sign that the kingdom of God has come and the first miracle of Jesus recorded in the Bible.

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How to find God's Plan for your Life

Perhaps you have never understood that God has a plan for your life which comprehends every area of your life, and offers you the fullest possible realization for your total potential as a person—but He has. Discover it today!

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How to Pass from Curse to Blessing

Discover the two forces that are at work in every life: blessings and curses. To enjoy the benefits of God's blessing and to be protected from curses, you need to know how these forces work.

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How to Pass from Curse to Blessing

Derek teaches on the reality of blessings and curses, the source of curses and how to be set free.

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If You Want God's Best

Decide not to settle for less than God's best! Based on the parable of the sower, discover the two key factors for a fruitful life in God's kingdom.

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If you want to Hear from God

God's agenda for Derek and Ruth Prince's sabbatical was altogether different than anticipated.Derek describes unsuspected barriers that had to be dealt with before they could receive God's direction.

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Life-Changing Spiritual Power

Life-Changing Spiritual Power is a compilation of six of Derek's books and a great resource, particularly for new and growing believers. Includes study questions.The Divine ExchangeThe Holy Spirit in YouGod's Medicine BottleSelf-Study Bible CourseSpiritual WarfareHow to Pass from Curse to Blessing

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Living as Salt and Light

Bible teacher Derek Prince outlines our strategic position as Christians in the world - including both our privileges and responsibilities to impact individual lives, communities, and entire nations.

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No Neutrality

Christ's clear, uncompromising call to follow Him leaves no room for 'sitting on the fence.'

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Objective for Living: To do God's Will

Do you have an objective in life? You may have talent, intelligence, special abilities, but - without an objective - you will accomplish very little of permanent value, and you will probably end in frustration.

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Pride versus Humility (Audio)

Could there be a more basic problem in our lives than our battle with pride? The good news: for this universal problem, a universal spiritual solution is available through Jesus Christ.

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Proclamation Cards Pack ‘Identity'

In the desert, the enemy tried to tempt Jesus to prove He was God's son. Likewise, he is trying to tempt us to doubt God's love. This pack of proclamation cards is a reminder of God's Fatherhood and your unique position in Christ.


Progress To Perfection

Perfection is our goal because Jesus commanded it. It is possible because His Word shows us seven successive steps to attain it.

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Progressive Commitment

Like Abraham, we can go on to perfect our faith, as we match each new challenge with a new commitment.

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Reigning Now With Christ

Prayer and fasting, rightly practised, enable you to take your place with Christ on the throne.

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Release from the Curse

Are you frustrated? Defeated? Never fully satisfied? There could be a spiritual reason behind it. Discover how you can pass from the dark shadow of a curse into the sunlight of God's blessing!

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Sons Of Zion Vs Sons Of Greece

The final clash of kingdoms - God's and Satan's - is at hand, represented by the Sons of Zion against the Sons of Greece. On whose side will you be?

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Strength Through Knowing God

Amid rising tides of wickedness, enduring strength comes only through the knowledge of God and the fear of the Lord.

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Strength Through Weakness

There are two kinds of strength: strength which the world understands, and strength which comes from God, through the cross of Jesus Christ. Discover and apply God's hidden wisdom and strength!

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The Decision Is Yours

True spirituality is based on decision, not emotion. Eight specific decisions we need to make.

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The Power of Faith

Previously published as: Faith to Live By. The Power of Faith is a resource for every Christian who wants to receive the promises of a faith-filled life and to do what would otherwise be impossible.

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The Way Up Is Down

The tension between pride and humiliation spans the universe, but also determines the course of our individual lives.

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